Do you 'Meet Up' with my pet so I can see if you're a good match.
Yes! I always do a Meet up (aka Meet & Greet) with new clients. I get to know your pets and this gives us a chance to go over the details of everything from walks and medications to letting me know the details of caring for your home.
When you sit for me are you home during the days? 
Absolutely! I have heard countless complaints from client's who have had (often younger) sitters who are gone for most of the day. They either have active social lives of do many other gigs - walks, poop scooping, normal jobs.. while on your clock. That is not me. 
1. I enjoy hanging out with animals.
2. I am a book designer ( When I do work on these projects I do this from your home around the schedule you have laid out for your animal care needs. And, behind my couch potato and play time with your pets.
3. I am older, an introvert, and simply enjoy a relaxed life.
What if my dog has separation anxiety?
I’ve been there. Having a dog with separation anxiety is a special challenge for you and makes getting away to recharge all the more challenging and important. If your dog cannot be left alone during my stay, please let me know in advance. I will make a point of arriving with all I need, such as groceries, to stay put for the duration of the sit. 
My dog does not like strangers. Can you still sit?
Aggression and fearfulness issues have degrees of severity. Let’s discuss your pet’s needs and try to come up with a plant together. For example, I may need to arrive a few days early and work my way into your household slowly. 
Are you vaccinated for Covid?
Yes, as an older person, I stay up to date on all covid vaccination boosters. In addition, I get a yearly flu shot to keep me fit and ready to “sit" for you.
Why is 50% not refundable if I cancel?
Once I set aside time for you and block out availability on my calendar I lose needed income should you cancel. The deposit helps recoup only a small portion of the shortfall I will experience from missed work if no one else books your time slot once I reopen those days to availability.  
How do I get started with booking your services?
Check my availability calendar. Next, contact me with the details - dates, location, pet info... I’ll reply with the price quote or any questions. From there we will work through the rest together. 
Now on the Rover App! If you are more comfortable booking my home and pet sitting service via Rover, please do. You can reach my profile here: 
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