Tossing the house keys to a neighbor or opening your home to travelers on holiday for your house/pet sit job may be an option for some people. However, many pets require more skills than everyday animal lovers have hands-on experience with. That's where I come in.
My name is Nola Lee Kelsey and I get it. For many of us, professional pet-sitting services are important, even necessary, when it is our own beloved cats and dogs being left at home. Beyond that, some people have pets with special 'issues' or more unusual pets. Reptiles, such as iguanas, bearded dragons or snakes, require an entirely different care routine, as do exotic birds or backyard farm animals. 
Pets of all shapes and sizes are the main reason people require house sitters and caring for a pet's welfare is my number one priority. I spend much of the time in their company at your home, following your instructions meticulously.
Nola’s House & Pet Care is a live-in home/RV, pet and animal care provider. I, Nola, will be your only point of contact and care. Think of me as your pet’s Au Pair, even if that pet is a tree frog. Nothing is subcontracted out. From the moment I arrive until the moment you return home, only one person will be responsible for your animal's care, me. This provides a stable environment for all animals, as well as continuity of care.
During my stay, I will water plants, bring in mail and all the traditional home care extras. With pets, I feed, walk, brush, clean, give any required meds, keep them safe and love them just as you would. With exotics, I do all regular maintenance, cleaning, feeding, supplements, monitoring temps and humidity as required, record keeping, etc. I follow your instructions because my animal care background helps me understand why your daily care routine matters. 
I have been a homeowner for many years, and a full-time RVer as well. I fully understand how important your home and its security are to you, plus I understand what is required to maintain it. Be assured your much-loved pets and home would be safe and in capable hands.
How can one person have so much experience with so many species?
That is easy. I’m really old! (haha) 
Seriously, I am 57 and have been immersed in animal handling and care my entire adult life. My mother claimed I was born in a khaki Zoo Keeper's uniform. Pets and wildlife are not just something that I am interested in, they are at the heart of who I am. 
Happily walking dogs and hanging out on the couch with your beloved cats is absolutely fine with me. That said, I also bring work experience with:
Exotic and farm animals 
A history with challenging pets - Aggression triggers, separation anxiety, deaf dogs, etc.
Medication administration
Large-scale care routines as a professional keeper/caregiver
Aquarium maintenance for both fresh and saltwater tanks 
Backyard farming of chickens and milk goats
Herpetological keeping/naturalistic vivarium maintenance
Wild animal care from hummingbirds to cougars
Assisting with large-scale cat/dog sterilization clinics in Third World countries
Lead Keeper and Volunteer Coordinator for organizations in the USA and Asia
Yes, it is a lot! I did not want to overwhelm you, but if you would like more details please read the Background Page for specifics about the where and how of my multifaceted animal care career background.
Now in the Rover App! If you are more comfortable booking my home and pet sitting service via Rover, please do. You can reach my profile here: 
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